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Build a sustainable business with your videos while creating the ultimate fan experience for your audience. Launch your own subscription service across multiple platforms, devices, everywhere!

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With Subscriptions you can add videos as often as you want, curate them into collections and let your subscribers know instantly when they’re available.

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Subscription Features

Subscriptions enables you to engage with your fans while creating an optimal customer experience.

  • Free Trials

    Free Trials

    Give prospective customers the option to start a free trial and convert them later to paying fans.

  • Flexible Charging

    Flexible Charging

    Let customers pay monthly or annually, you decide what works best for your video content.

  • App Notifications

    App Notifications

    Inform and engage customers when new videos have been added to your network through app notifications.

Customer Insights

Get full access to comprehensive analytics of all your transactions including subscriber data, sales growth, churn metrics and traffic data as well as valuable customer information that will inform you on how to effectively sell your videos.

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Your Brand First

Deliver branded video experiences across all major platforms and connected devices so your customers can watch your shows anytime, anywhere. Branded apps now available for Apple TV, iOS, Android and Roku.

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Your Brand First

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Easy API Integration

Integrate with our developer-friendly APIs and gain access to robust sales analytics, marketing and eCommerce tools that will help you build a video experience tailored for your audience and powered by VHX’s technical platform. More info

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